Androulla, your teaching skills and your ability to pass your knowledges to us in a friendly, educational and professional manner have made me love the legal science and the legal way of thinking.Being taught by you has been a pleasure, and a challenge in an attempt to perform better and gain knowledge which cannot be obtain by just reading a law text book. Your legal skills, your love for the legal science, and your passion, have made me also a passionate follower of the legal science.
My decision to start an LLB Course at my late 40’s was not an easy one. So many years away from books and desks, would I be able to make it? Well, Alexandra Elliott-Makedona, the best teacher I ever had since I was a pupil in the primary school, was a real buster. With her enthusiasm, commitment and support, I did not only manage to make it, I got a First Class degree and above all I really enjoyed it. The best teacher I ever had. Thanks Alex
When I get a chance to talk to someone about my lecturers I was always talk about Alexandra Elliot Makedona and always I was saying that i would like to know her from the beginning of my studies and not from the third year.
As a person she is very enthusiastic about the subject she teaches and her teaching method makes every student following the course with great attention. The way she teaches helped me improve my way of thinking, not just during the course, but beyond. She’s very able in interpersonal communication with her students.

Every time I needed her was there not just for me but for everyone any time of the day. I really felt supported. The biggest advantage for a student is Alex’s notes. Textbooks can prescribe basics, but there’s no replacement for Alex’s notes.
Frankly I’m thankful that I had the good fortune to have Alex my lecturer. She is without a doubt the most amazing enthusiastic lecturer I’ve ever met.
She is the best. Thank you for being my lecturer.
Mrs. Androulla Poutziouris has been my lecturer for my LLB degree for the last two years at the University of Wales. Without any prior knowledge in law, she has influenced me to approach the principles and the sources of Law in a different way. Her ability to teach and her skills to pass over her knowledge in regards to Law is unique. Thanks to Mrs. Androulla I learned how to attack problem questions under the modules that she was teaching and come to a correct conclusion. But her main privilege is that she made my lectures more exciting and was always available to answer any of my questions regarding the modules. It was a privilege and a pleasure for me to have her as my lecturer and tutor!
Every student…, especially a law student, when is time to talk about his professors, the fact whether he learned anything out of them, I believe is not the issue. The reason is obvious. You can’t be a law student without to study hard and as a result to be educated. Talking about a law professor what is important ? The way that teaches, the way that supports the students, the way that helps the students to reach their goal and succeed. In other words, every academic year is a journey and during this journey you need a capable captain to take you safe to your Ithaca. So talking about my professors…. in my mind comes Miss Androulla Poutziouris. Young, enthusiastic, full of positive energy perfectly organized, always prepared with theoretical and realistic examples on each topic, using her academic skills and lawyer experiences. Her teaching methods went far beyond every expectations I had. Her lecture notes were always helpful, simple and so understandable making law books easy to read them. Her nice character was a great element for our interpersonal communication which helped me a lot to overcome every educational problem I faced. So closing my testimonial …. Androulla thank you for everything and, as you were saying….sky’s the limit!!!!.

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